What's Your Why Challenge

This year, NAPC is excited to bring back the What’s Your Why Challenge.

The idea for this challenge came in 2022 from NAPC's Commission Assistance and Mentoring Program (CAMP). During a session, CAMP Trainer Adrian Scott Fine asked CAMPers a very personal question: "What's your why?" In turn, Adrian shared his own very personal connection with historic preservation. It was a powerful moment that brought a long day of learning full circle, inspiring the commissioners, staff and community partners in attendance to reflect on why they do what they do, why they care, and what motivates them to do this work.

For many, the WHY behind historic preservation is complicated and ever changing, but it is a question worth asking time and again.

So many of you shared your inspiring stories with NAPC last year. Give us an update on your Why. Has it changed? Has this past year given you clarity or challenged you somehow?

Here’s how to participate:

This year, each person who shares their Why will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a FREE registration to NAPC’s Virtual Summer Short Course!

Whether you share your own story or not, you can join in the fun by re-sharing our posts and encouraging others to try the challenge. We look forward to sharing our Whys with you this month and we hope you will share yours too! Happy National Preservation Month!