The Commission Assistance and Mentoring Program (CAMP) is the signature training offered by the National Alliance of Preservation Commissions (NAPC). CAMP is led by qualified preservation professionals in support of NAPC's mission to build strong local preservation programs and leaders through education, training, and advocacy.

The goals of CAMP is to provide high quality, engaging and informative training to preservation related boards and commissions of all types through presentations, hands-on exercises, group discussions, networking and mentoring via live or virtual training. NAPC has an exceptional team of CAMP Trainers including commissioners, local, state, and federal staff members, attorneys, consultants, planners and commission partners.

NAPC offers CAMP to individual commissions, regions representing multiple commissions, or even statewide events. Each CAMP is customized to suit the community's needs. Browse the CAMP Menu below for more details on the curriculum, and click the "Host a CAMP" button to start planning a CAMP for your community today.

Browse the CAMP Menu below for more details on the curriculum.

CAMP Resilience®

NAPC is pleased to offer additional CAMP  topics designed to strengthen a community's response and resiliency to preserve cultural resources in the face of natural disasters. This brand new content can be integrated into any CAMP to best fit a community's needs.

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CAMP Testimonials

“CAMP tackles the most relevant topics in historic preservation, providing information and practical guidance that can be applied immediately in most any jurisdiction to improve the functionality and relevancy of local commissions and support best practices in the field. Very worthwhile!”
- CAMPer, California

“CAMP was one of the best trainings I’ve ever participated in. The trainers were incredibly knowledgeable and personable. They all took the time to get to know our communities before the training and made sure everyone had ample opportunity to comment, ask questions, and participate. I think everyone finished the CAMP not only more knowledgeable but feeling reinvigorated and ready to start implementing some new strategies and ideas to better serve our community.”
- CAMPer, Pennsylvania

“CAMP was informative, interesting, balanced, comprehensive and fun. It stimulated creativity among our HDC members and staff, and rejuvenated us in ways I did not expect. One of the best trainings I have attended!”
- CAMPer, New Hampshire

“NAPC staff are always organized and efficient and make planning CAMP very easy for the client. Having hosted more than a dozen CAMP events in our state, I am always thrilled to see how many participants choose to come back again and again. Different trainers for each CAMP bring with them new perspectives, experiences, ideas, and best practices, which always keep this training fresh and dynamic. I believe there is no stronger testimonial to the importance and value of CAMP training than that demonstrated by commission members and staff who make the effort to show up for their second, third, and fourth time!”
– CAMP Host, Indiana

"CAMP was an exceptional experience for the City of Beaufort. The quality of sessions was representative of the expert professionals who put on the CAMP. Each session was extremely informative and on-point to Beaufort's issues, and spurred some excellent conversation. Moreover, the presenters were engaging, and able to easily convey knowledge to our HRB Board which is full of professionals. It was obvious the HRB Board had not only grown, but had forged a deeper bond by the end of the day. I would greatly recommend CAMP to any organization with a historic review board."
– CAMPer, South Carolina

"This CAMP was unique among the trainings I've been a part of. The agenda was packed with complex topics, but nobody's interest ever waned. Everyone was clearly enjoying the shared learning experience, tossing out their ideas for group consideration and getting feedback in real time. And the discussions were informed by great presentations from expert speakers. In my opinion, CAMPs are invaluable tools for local preservationists."
– CAMPer, Arkansas

CAMP Resilience®

NAPC is pleased to introduce CAMP Resilience®, a new CAMP curriculum designed to strengthen local community response and resiliency to preserve cultural resources in the face of natural disasters. This brand new content is now part of NAPC’s regular CAMP offerings. To learn more about what topics we have to offer, please browse our CAMP Menu.
New Curriculum!
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