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May Webinar

Not Another Integrity Debate: Local Preservation Efforts and Strategies in Action

May 24, 2023 1:00 - 2:30 PM ET
While debates linger within the historic preservation field about integrity and the preciousness of physical materiality, and what to do about it, creative local efforts are finding new ways to make the case for culturally significant places, including local landmarking. Join Adrian Scott Fine, who will lead a panel of preservation professionals from around the country to discuss this controversial topic that sparks disagreement within the preservation field. Learn about evolving and new approaches, examples from the field, and the people working to ensure culturally significant places are acknowledged. Bottom line: do we stay the course and focus primarily on the preciousness of unaltered spaces and places and materiality, or do we expand our efforts, find workarounds, and ensure preservation is inclusive and relevant to more people?
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Best Practices: A Practitioners Guide to an Effective Local Preservation Commission

June 29, 2023 1:00 - 2:30 PM ET 1.5 AIA/AICP
Each local preservation program – as well as the commission entrusted with its implementation – is slightly different in the way they function. Program operations depend on many variables: community size, commission empowerment, historic resources, leadership and support staff, citizen engagement, preservation partners, etc. Effective commission operation is, and must be, a dynamic process, both attuned to community needs and an evolving preservation practice. Even so, there is a shared baseline for preservation commission efficacy. Every commission can measure success in pursuit of aspirational goals when built upon a strong foundation. Join NAPC CAMP trainers Monica Callahan and Ken Kocher for a pragmatic review of commission operation and best practice techniques for new commission consideration and mature commission reflection. Let’s find our common strengths to build the foundation of a strong, effective preservation commission.
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Enjoy Design Review With Limited Resources: Working Without Professional Preservation Staff, which was a free webinar for all to kick off 2023!

The NAPC webinar series is:
  • Eligible for continuing education credits.
  • Viewable live or on-demand.
  • Open to all for a $15 admission fee.
  • Free for NAPC members!
Past Webinars:
  • Mid-Century Housing: From Planning to Preservation
  • Community Outreach Strategies for Historic Preservation Commissions and Boards
  • Preserving the 1970s and 1980s: Why Should We Care About Brutalist and Postmodernist Architecture?
  • Sustainability and Historic Preservation: What do you need to know?
  • Reading the Design: Interpreting Architectural Plan and Elevation Drawings
  • Social Media Strategies for Historic Preservation Commissions and Boards
  • Styles of the Recent Past: From Mansards to McMansions
  • Advocacy and Grassroots Preservation: Fighting the Good Fight
  • No Such Thing as Open-and-Shut: Lessons Learned from Thirty Years of Defending Preservation in Nashville, TN
  • Hidden Tool for the Decision-Making Process: The Staff & Commissioner Support System
    Preservation Planning Pt. 2: A Discussion About Engagement, Equity, and Implementation

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