NAPC Resilience and Disaster Planning Initiative

Through funding support provided by the National Park Service, NAPC has created the Resilience and Disaster Planning Initiative. The core purpose of this initiative is to provide community resilience and disaster planning tools and training to preservation commissioners, staff, preservation leaders, and practitioners at the local level working to preserve historic cultural resources. These tools include:

CAMP Resilience and Disaster Planning

In 2020, NAPC convened a working group of multidisciplinary experts and practitioners to help assess the resilience and disaster planning needs for preservation commissions and programs at the local level. From these series of meetings, a framework of topics for NAPC’s new resilience and disaster planning training offerings. The training is modeled in the same format as NAPC’s signature Commission Assistance and Mentoring Program (CAMP). Community hosts are able to select topics that best fits their needs and then work with selected trainers and NAPC staff to further customize the training.

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CAMP Resilience Toolkit

To compliment the new CAMP Resilience and Disaster Planning training, NAPC compiled a comprehensive collection of resilience and disaster planning resources to be shared as an ever-growing toolkit for trainees to utilize moving forward.

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CRSurveyor - Disaster Response Module

In the face of increasing and more severe disasters, the digitization of records of cultural resources is more critical than ever. NAPC in partnership with NPS, has developed the CRSurveyor, a cultural resource survey tool designed to allow communities to digitally survey cultural resources. Through the Esri ArcGIS Field Maps platform, the collected information is saved into a data structure that matches the National Park Service cultural resource standards and catalogs many National Register required fields. Currently there are three survey modules available through CRSurveyor:

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As a member of the National Alliance of Preservation Commissions, you become part of a national network of historic preservation commissions, boards of architectural review, staff, local and state preservation nonprofits, and residents of historic districts who value their historic resources.

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